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Ask SCORE: When people talk about “viral marketing” what do they mean?

Word-of-mouth publicity is the most effective viral marketing in the real world, on social media and on search engines.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing In the Real World

In a conversation when people share their positive experiences about a specific product, service or business, their opinion becomes more of an endorsement. When businesses consistently deliver consumer satisfaction then the word of mouth often pays off in the long run.

When it comes to long term customers, it often starts from that first experience. First impression matters especially if it’s based on the positive experience. Just like businesses looking for loyal customers, customers are also looking for a business than can satisfy their comfort zone. As customers continue to experience consistencies in satisfaction, they become loyal customers. Customer loyalty often brings in more customers through the word of mouth.

A client of mine owns a food and beverage business where employees are trained to address every customer by his/her first name so that the customers feel connected. They also treat every regular customer as if it’s their first time so the quality of service remains consistent. Majority of the customers are word of mouth referrals.  Continue reading

ASK SCORE: How can I use mobile marketing to increase sales?

Consumers are busy and need to find information quickly and easily on the go. Mobile devices have made it easier for people to access information at their fingertips. In order to remain competitive, small businesses should have a mobile marketing strategy to reach new customers, generate new sales, and provide information effortlessly.

1. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Consumers are easily frustrated when they access a website that is hard to read and not optimized for mobile devices. One way to make sure a website is accessible on a variety of devices is to use responsive design. Responsive web design is customized coding that ensures your website will automatically change its appearance based on the screen size of the visitor’s device.  Continue reading