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Top 10 ways to maximize your networking approachability.

By Scott Ginsberg

When you’re at a networking function or social event, are people naturally drawn to you or do you unknowingly push them away? In this excerpt from The Power of Approachability, Scott Ginsberg outlines ten different ways you can maximize your approachability.

Scott GinsbergAfter reading and researching thousands of books, articles and other resources on communication, first impressions, networking and conversation, I’ve learned one thing: none of them address what approachability means. Or maybe they just don’t take the time to define it, stress its importance and offer suggestions on how to maximize it.

That research was my impetus for writing The Power of Approachability. I wanted to give people a clear picture of what the idea meant, along with many small tips and suggestions to put that idea to use – one conversation at a time.

So, straight from the pages of the book, here are my Top Ten Ways to Maximize Your Networking Approachability.  Continue reading