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It’s time to write your business plan.


Creating a new business can be a tough journey. Doing so while working full-time may seem tougher, but this route actually offers several benefits. You can continue earning money to put towards your startup. But even if you only work an hour a week building your company, you still need a business plan.

A business plan is critical to every small business, even for pre-startups. Why do you need one so early? It serves as your map through what might be a bumpy journey. A business plan gives you the best shot at a smooth ride.

Business plans typically have four sections: the Executive Summary, the Business Details, Financial Forecasts and Supporting Data.  Continue reading

E-commerce growing locally thanks to Kitsap entrepreneurs.

Tad Sooter of the Kitsap Sun tells the story, “Kitsap County is home to a diverse collection of under-the-radar retailers, all harnessing the web to reach customers around the globe.” 

The Chow brothers of Poulsbo turned their childhood hobby into Chowren Toys. “An official, independent LEGO dealer since 2009, Chowren Toys has outgrown its 6,400-square-foot warehouse in the Twelve Trees Business Park and will add about 5,000-square feet of office space in coming months.” 

Hal Cook, a Bainbridge Island resident, worked in the maritime industry for decades before he launched Go2Marine.com, a worldwide boating supply store, in 2000.

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10 Sites to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Acumen

Do you want to be a more successful entrepreneur? The kind of entrepreneur who has a masterful command of their business? Who continually takes advantage of opportunities to grow your business, create a robust business culture, and earn skyrocketing profits? Then you need to continually educate yourself about small business and entrepreneurship. To that end, here are ten sites to improve your entrepreneurial acumen.

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