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Why ‘Google My Business’ is more important than your website.

Thursday May 13, noon-1:30pm (90 min) This virtual workshop is free and open to anyone, but you must register here to get the link. Presented by Tory Smith Felkey Brought to you by Accelerate Kitsap, A nonprofit bringing educational business workshops to small business in Kitsap. Surprise! Google owns 92.4% of search, and they have quietly changed the landscape. […]

Revenue is revenue, right?

by Kelly Dies, Soundpoint Consulting A dollar is a dollar. That’s true. And, all revenue is equal. Right? Well no, not in an investor’s or potential buyer’s eye. So what makes some revenue good and other revenue better?  Recurring Recurring revenue is highly desirable because is it known and predictable. The best example of this is an […]

Restaurant Revitalization Funds Now Open

Owners of restaurants, food trucks, bars, and related businesses can now apply for the #RestaurantRevitalizationFund! Learn how to apply, here. Get help with your application: call the SBA at 1-844-279-8898