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Your Business Roundtable

Kitsap SCORE and local Chambers of Commerce are working to develop a series of roundtable discussions for people who want to solve problems, find opportunities, and grow their businesses. Please share your answers to four simple questions and help us pick the best time to meet and choose topics for conversations.

What to consider when creating a Facebook video ad.

by Mike Barnet, owner of I Heart Kitsap…

1. HAVE A GAME PLAN.  What’s the “Why”?  What are you trying to accomplish with this ad?  Do you want to attract new customers?  Do you want more sales?  Do you want more leads?  Do you need to grow your email list?

2. HAVE A CLEAR TARGET.  Who is your ad for?  Who is your ideal customer?  Is it for a particular gender and age group?  Is it for people with a specific need or interest?

3. DESIGN A CLEAR “CALL TO ACTION”. What do you want your target audience to do after viewing your video ad?  Do you want them to visit a particular webpage?  Should they join your email list?  Should they visit a store location and mention the ad?  Should they fill out an online form and schedule an appointment?

4. THE LAUNCH. What kind of ad will you use to attract your ideal customer?  Educational video, eye catching image ads, Facebook “Live” video?

5. MEASURE THE RESULTS. How will you determine the success of your ad?  Did it bring in a certain number of leads?  Did you sell a predetermined amount of merchandise?  Did you add “X” number of contacts to your email list?

6. THE FOLLOW UP.  How will you communicate with your idea customer after he/she interacts with your ad?  Build an email list and continue to offer valuable content to your target audience via email.  Once someone joins your list,  send articles, and other helpful information related to your services.  You can also offer special deals to encourage your subscriber to employ your services.

Learn more here… and see some excellent sample videos. Mike shared this with us at a recent session of Your Business Academy.