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Three Things You Should Understand Before Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Expert

A website is a critical sales and marketing tool for just about every business. It’s a hub for product information, a conversion point for capturing leads, the holding place for marketing materials and company news, and many times serves as your potential customer’s first impression of your business.

However, before any prospect can interact with your website, they first have to find your website. This discoverability is the culmination of a strong SEO, or search engine optimization, strategy and an SEO expert behind the scenes.

Most business owners are digital marketing novices making it hard to know what you’re really buying when you hire an SEO expert.

If you’re like most business owners, you understand the role of an SEO expert from a high level but aren’t as familiar with the full scope of what’s involved or the time required. This makes it a lot harder to confidently hire the right SEO expert and forces owners to take these professionals at their word. Continue reading

Tips on Successfully Working Remotely With Your Employees

The power of technology has made it possible to do business not only across town, but across the world. Who knows — your small business might not even have an office, complete with rent, a mail slot and utility bills. If your small business specializes in services or digital products, you may never even meet your employees in person!

Teams who work remotely have the flexibility to do great work regardless of location, time zone or method of transportation. Thanks to online collaboration tools and mobile devices, working remotely is just as routine now as using a fax machine was 15 years ago. Continue reading

Watch out for Scammers Claiming to be your ISP.

by John Benjamin, Cavu Networks

With most people working from home now I want to highlight how important it is be extra vigilant with cyber-security practices and to raise awareness about scammers taking advantage of the changes in how and where we work.

We are seeing a large increase in scammers calling people at home claiming to be their ISP (internet service provider) or a well known technology company because ‘there is a virus on their computer’ or ‘their Antivirus software is out-of-date.’  The scammers are insisting that a remote connection or credit card is required to fix the problem. Continue reading