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You are invited to the Poulsbo Chamber Business Bash — Nov 6.


Connecting small and home-based businesses to our community.


This event provides small and home-based businesses
with the ability to collectively host an After Hours
and to have a Ribbon Cutting!


These will occur twice a year,
once in November and once in February.

Chamber Business Bash
Monday, Nov. 6th
5:00-7:00 pm
Council Chambers at Poulsbo City Hall
The public and all Chamber members will be invited –
it’s your time to shine!!


What to consider when creating a Facebook video ad.

by Mike Barnet, owner of I Heart Kitsap…

1. HAVE A GAME PLAN.  What’s the “Why”?  What are you trying to accomplish with this ad?  Do you want to attract new customers?  Do you want more sales?  Do you want more leads?  Do you need to grow your email list?

2. HAVE A CLEAR TARGET.  Who is your ad for?  Who is your ideal customer?  Is it for a particular gender and age group?  Is it for people with a specific need or interest?

3. DESIGN A CLEAR “CALL TO ACTION”. What do you want your target audience to do after viewing your video ad?  Do you want them to visit a particular webpage?  Should they join your email list?  Should they visit a store location and mention the ad?  Should they fill out an online form and schedule an appointment?

4. THE LAUNCH. What kind of ad will you use to attract your ideal customer?  Educational video, eye catching image ads, Facebook “Live” video?

5. MEASURE THE RESULTS. How will you determine the success of your ad?  Did it bring in a certain number of leads?  Did you sell a predetermined amount of merchandise?  Did you add “X” number of contacts to your email list?

6. THE FOLLOW UP.  How will you communicate with your idea customer after he/she interacts with your ad?  Build an email list and continue to offer valuable content to your target audience via email.  Once someone joins your list,  send articles, and other helpful information related to your services.  You can also offer special deals to encourage your subscriber to employ your services.

Learn more here… and see some excellent sample videos. Mike shared this with us at a recent session of Your Business Academy.


Our first Open Exchange/Mini Business Expo
was a huge success!

“We met some fantastic community members at the first annual Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce mini-expo. Thanks to everyone who chatted with us at our table, learned more about KCMT and who signed up for our mailing list.” ~ KCMT

Only 4 tables still available for September 13th.
Reserve your table today!
RSVP today by calling our office at 360-779-4999


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Ask SCORE: What’s the best way to use social media for my small business?

You can bring out the human side of your business on social media.

Social media gives small businesses an interactive way to connect with prospects and customers, yet many businesses struggle with building relationships via the platforms they’re using. They fail to make their brands “human” on social media.

According to nationally known social media professional, Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media, “People relate more to other people than to a logo or brand image. This can give small businesses and solopreneurs an advantage over bigger businesses.”

Taking the human approach is successful for one simple reason, relationships are built on trust.  Continue reading

What Online Marketing Tactics Generate the Best B2B Leads?

The days of B2B businesses generating leads via sales letters and cold calls are long gone. Today, savvy B2B marketers use online marketing to attract qualified leads. But which digital marketing tactics work the best for this purpose?

Here’s what a recent survey of B2B marketers in the 2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing has to say.

Social media, email and search are the most popular lead generation tactics…

Some digital lead generation tactics are almost universally employed. For example, 95 percent of B2B marketers surveyed use social media to generate leads, 93 percent use email marketing and 91 percent use organic search.

…but that doesn’t mean they’re the most effective.

Continue reading

In search of the minimum viable audience.

by Seth Godin

Of course everyone wants to reach the maximum audience. To be seen by millions, to maximize return on investment, to have a huge impact.

And so we fall all over ourselves to dumb it down, average it out, pleasing everyone and anyone.

You can see the problem.

When you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone. And if you’re not the irreplaceable, essential, one-of-a-kind changemaker, you never get a chance to engage with the market.

The solution is simple but counterintuitive: Stake out the smallest market you can imagine. The smallest market that can sustain you, the smallest market you can adequately serve. This goes against everything you learned in capitalism school, but in fact, it’s the simplest way to matter.

Continue reading on Seth’s Blog

Local merchants’ marketing goes digital.

I recently posted on the SCORE Small Business Success Blog about the advantages digital tools can offer a business. It seems more businesses are listening: In a recent survey, a majority of local businesses report moving their marketing efforts online, using more sophisticated digital marketing methods, and investing more in them.

The 2017 Local Merchant Report surveyed businesses with at least one physical location and fewer than 50 employees.  Continue reading