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Marketing your startup… or any #SmallBiz.

Creating a business requires endurance, creativity, passion, money and of course, customers! Devising a marketing strategy to reach those customers is just one step on your entrepreneurial journey.

SCORE has partnered with Canon to develop the “Simple Steps for Starting Your Business” program, and the third course, “Simple Steps for Starting Your Business: Module 3 – Creating Your Marketing Plan,” details how to communicate with your customers. The online class explains how to analyze your competition, create a product and service description, define a pricing strategy, identify target markets and channels and write a marketing message.  Continue reading

Ask SCORE: What’s the best way to communicate with my customers?

You’ve seen people so absorbed with their smartphones that they appear oblivious to what’s going on around them. True, everyone is entitled to a bit of privacy, and perhaps that message or video really, really important. However, spending too much time in a “heads-down” mode can be off-putting and, sometimes dangerous.

Many entrepreneurs, particularly those who work from home, operate their small businesses much the same way when they rely too heavily on email to communicate with clients. Email is convenient, particularly for work related issues and updates, but numerous studies have come to the same conclusion — customers want to be treated as people, not as return email addresses.

When you take a technology-centric approach to communication, you’re missing an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. Don’t you think they would rather do business with someone they know? Wouldn’t you? Continue reading

Entrepreneurs get the information they need… at the library.

by Peggy BranamanKitsap Regional Library

Hey business owners and entrepreneurs, business couldn’t be better, right? You know darn well business can ALWAYS be better, and we here at the library are all over that. If the library helping your business grow and prosper is a confusing concept to you, take a look at the following article in this month’s Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal  on why a Kitsap Regional Library card is a must-have tool for local entrepreneurs.

Simply put, if you are not using the library’s online business resources, you are leaving money on the table.

I love a challenge, so set up an appointment to meet with me and let me try to prove that I can save you time and money.  I can open up markets and possibilities that even YOU hadn’t thought of yet, all using library resources, and a little know how.

At the very least, I will get to know you and your business and its interests, and that is a valuable thing. Remember, I know a lot of people…

You’ve got only 7 years to come in before I retire, so don’t delay (humor intended).  Or make an appointment using our Book A Librarian form.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!