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Keep Your Business Secure in the Pandemic Era

Date:  Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Time:  3 – 4 p.m.
Via: Zoom (link to be provided)
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Ever wonder if your company’s information is on the dark web? 

Credential hacking, email phishing, the dark web–all are increasing threats to businesses these days. The global pandemic brought business a slew of challenges, not the least of which is fast-changing security issues. With many companies turning to remote ways of working, they’re increasingly relying on virtual activities like email, meetings, and remote access to systems. And each hold a unique set of security risks. This presentation will outline those risks as well as provide tips on how to mitigate them (and some even remove altogether). Continue reading

How can a non-tech savvy small businesses improve its marketing?

by Ken Sethney, Kitsap SCORE

Trying to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts without access to measurable results means your business is flying blind.

Marketing data gives you the insight you need to make well-informed decisions about your marketing efforts and know how to adopt the right marketing efforts to drive the biggest return on your investment.

Reliable analytics will empower you to make data-driven decisions that improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Just about every business needs an online presence regardless of what they sell. And, bringing customers and prospects to your website should always be one of your primary marketing goals.

Google Analytics is the website analysis platform most used by businesses to get real- time data for insight into how many people visit their website, who those people are, which products or services they’re most interested in, and much more.

Because of its ability to dig into the weeds of your web traffic, Google Analytics is one of the best tools for determining the effectiveness of your marketing and learning how to improve it. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a technology expert or SEO professional to use the platform.

By familiarizing yourself with how to pull some basic information, you can gain an understanding of how well your website is performing for your business. Even at its most basic level, Google Analytics is a tool that the non-tech savvy business owner can operate and benefit from exploring.

  1. Visitor Volume
    See daily and monthly web visitor volume, monitor trends, watch ebbs and flows during
    your marketing campaigns and compare traffic performance as time passes by.
  2. Average Time on Site
    Track how long visitors stay on your website as well as which pages they view.
  3. Bounce Rate
    Measure how many of your visitors quickly left your website after landing on just one
    page. Visitors who leave quickly likely did not read your content and are not interested.
  4. New vs. Returning Visitors
    Measure the ratio of new vs. returning visitors. This is useful data when measuring the impact of your marketing efforts on prospects vs. existing customers.
  5. Traffic Sources
    Determine where your audience is coming from – from different websites and different
    geographic locations.
  6. Conversions
    Set-up conversion tracking and measure the percentage of your website visitors who make a purchase, fill out a contact form, or take some other desired action.

    There are so many tracking capabilities available to small businesses through Google Analytics and these just scratch the surface. One of the best is its comparison tool that allows you to compare data year-over-year to identify trends. This can be hugely helpful in planning your long-term marketing efforts. Google Analytics has the ability to give you better insight into your web visitors’ behavior so you can use make more strategic marketing decisions.

    Fire up your analytics and start making more strategic, data-driven marketing decisions.

    Even if you’re a non-tech savvy business owner, you can still easily make Google Analytics work for your business with the right support. There are many resources available to help small businesses navigate this tool and make sense of the data. One of those resources is your SCORE mentor.

    For help with starting, growing or successfully exiting your business venture, contact SCORE — Mentors to America’s Small Business. SCORE is a nonprofit organization with more than 11,000 volunteers who provide free, confidential business mentoring and training workshops to small business owners. To contact Kitsap SCORE, email or call 360-328-1380.

Three Things You Should Understand Before Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Expert

A website is a critical sales and marketing tool for just about every business. It’s a hub for product information, a conversion point for capturing leads, the holding place for marketing materials and company news, and many times serves as your potential customer’s first impression of your business.

However, before any prospect can interact with your website, they first have to find your website. This discoverability is the culmination of a strong SEO, or search engine optimization, strategy and an SEO expert behind the scenes.

Most business owners are digital marketing novices making it hard to know what you’re really buying when you hire an SEO expert.

If you’re like most business owners, you understand the role of an SEO expert from a high level but aren’t as familiar with the full scope of what’s involved or the time required. This makes it a lot harder to confidently hire the right SEO expert and forces owners to take these professionals at their word. Continue reading

Get found online with these 3 SEO tactics.

Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever for getting found online—and getting customers to buy from your business. That’s because online search has become the primary way potential customers find local businesses.

Don’t believe me? A whopping 87% of people used a search engine to find a local product or service in the past month, the Local Search Association reports.

SEO was once a specialized skill that required hiring a professional to drive traffic to your website. Today, while SEO Is still somewhat of an art form, there are plenty of tools and tips you can use to improve your website’s SEO all by yourself—with excellent results.  Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs Its Own Email Domain

why-your-business-needs-its-own-email-domainWhen you first started your small business, did you haphazardly begin sending emails from your personal email address? Or, if you’re still in the planning stages of starting a new business, do you think you’ll be fine sending your business emails from a Yahoo! or Gmail account?

If so, think again. The email domain from which you send your emails has a major effect on your business’s credibility and reputation. Here are six reasons why every small business should have its own email domain.

Continue reading

E-Tip: Strike the Responsive Chord

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

It’s our sixth lesson of “Thirteen Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail”. I’m excited to get into today’s lesson. The better you understand your audience the more response you’ll get from them.

Another reason marketing campaigns fail is, because the marketer doesn’t strike the responsive chord with an audience.

People ignore what doesn’t grab them. They further ignore messages that are irrelevant. How do you solve the problem of striking the responsive chord? Here are a four steps to do this with every marketing campaign.  Continue reading

E-Tip: Use a Strong Call-to-Action

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

Holy smokes I can’t believe we’re almost done with this series!  Great work on staying with me.  It doesn’t matter if you have a health or travel-related business.  Understanding the sixth thing you need for a successful e-mail campaign is critical.

Many e-marketers don’t take the time to think about their call-to-action.  It’s your chance to tell prospects and customers exactly how you want them to respond to your offer.  If you skimp on this you’ll lose sales and profits.

How do you create a strong call-to-action?  Continue reading

E-Tip: Decide on your Offer

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

Can you believe it’s our final lesson for this series?  Thank you for sticking with me this long.  Now today we’ll cover the final element needed before creating your e-mail campaign.  Get this right and success is in the bag.

The Powerful Offer

E-marketers can get hung up on copy, design, templates and other e-mail angst.  But there’s one area they tend to overlook.  Most e-mail offers are no big deal.  They don’t spark a desire in subscribers to buy.  They rarely offer something unique.

Before creating your e-mail campaign decide on your offer.  What kind of offer are you willing to make?  Here are the three elements of a powerful offer.  Continue reading

E-Tip: Time your E-mails

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

By now you’ve learned a ton about the Four Levers of e-mail marketing.  Has it opened your eyes on how to create more effective e-mail campaigns?  Trust me there’s more to an e-mail campaign than hitting  the send button.

Today we’ll look at the fourth lever of e-mail marketing.  It’s called “Timing”.  You’d be shocked to know today’s e-mail technology allows you to track when folks open the e-mails you send them.  This is important, because it goes to “click-through behavior”.

How do you time your e-mails properly?  Here are a few steps.  Continue reading

E-Tip: Clean Your List

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow Business Owner,

Let’s talk about something most business owners don’t do. Instead they assume this part of their business is, okay.

How Clean is your List?

Smart businesses have built a list of names in their database. These are either current customers or prospects. If they’ve opted-in to receive your e-mails, they’re apart of your subscription e-mail list.  Continue reading