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Measure it to improve it.

by Kelly Deis of SoundPoint Consulting

As with many things in life – where we place our attention is what will change. But, if you try to focus on too many things at once, nothing gets done. The same is true for monitoring your business’ financial performance.

Monitor and focus your attention on those few key metrics that drive your business’ health through a dashboard tailored to your needs.

A good dashboard – often no more than one page, is a powerful visual of graphs and other data that provide a snapshot of the key components of your business. It monitors trends and tracks performance against goals, providing the ability to course-correct mid-year.

A customized monthly dashboard should focus on the key drivers of your business and help you quickly and easily assess the health and trajectory of your company. Here’s how: Continue reading

Drive Your Business Like You Drive Your Car

Driving is second nature to us, isn’t it? We check our instruments constantly and make adjustments without even thinking. We should drive our businesses the same way. Drivers use five main indicators to get where they’re going. Entrepreneurs need to use the same five indicators to be successful:

1. Fuel Gauge

We check our fuel gauge often because it sucks to be stranded. We check it as soon as we start our car and we check it often during our trip. We feel comfortable when we’ve got enough fuel; we feel anxious when we’re not sure if we can make it to the next station.

As entrepreneurs, we check our bank account and, as we get more sophisticated, our balance sheet. We don’t want to run out of cash because that sucks too.  Continue reading