Paul Park

SCORE Certified Mentor LogoWinning, accelerating and sustaining profitable public sector contracts can be a lucrative market for many small business owners. To make this a reality, Mr. Park, a volunteer mentor with Kitsap SCORE, provides free mentoring services on all aspects of doing business with the U.S. Government for the SCORE clients.

Mr. Park also assists large U.S. and foreign business pursuing the U.S. government market for capture management, compliance infrastructure development, and issue resolution to achieve and maintain the highest contract performance rating.

Mr. Park brings 28+ years of management experience in public sector proposals, contracts, and subcontracts, and grants. Credentials include: Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM);
Bachelor of Science (BS) and MBA from Portland State University; Former president of Indianapolis Korean Society; Former president and vice president of Indianapolis National Contracts Management Association; Former Senior Manager, Government Markets and Contracts Compliance at Dow Chemical.

He is considered a subject matter expert in compliance review, development and control for the U.S. Federal, states, local, and foreign public sector procurement arena involving: federal/state/international contracting issue resolution, Truth in Negotiation Act, cost/price analysis, CRADA, CPSR, CAS, teaming arrangement, government procurement in Asia, GSA Multiple Award Schedule, Commercial Item determination, Business Ethics, False Claims Act, Buy American Act, Trade Agreement Act, Free Trade Agreement, and WTO Government Procurement Agreement, OMB “Super Circular” compliance.

Paul Park focuses on government contracting and he has 30+ years of experience in this field. He will meet local clients in Silverdale or counsel SCORE clients all over the country via email. 

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