Keep Your Business Secure in the Pandemic Era

Date:  Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Time:  3 – 4 p.m.
Via: Zoom (link to be provided)
Register Here

Ever wonder if your company’s information is on the dark web? 

Credential hacking, email phishing, the dark web–all are increasing threats to businesses these days. The global pandemic brought business a slew of challenges, not the least of which is fast-changing security issues. With many companies turning to remote ways of working, they’re increasingly relying on virtual activities like email, meetings, and remote access to systems. And each hold a unique set of security risks. This presentation will outline those risks as well as provide tips on how to mitigate them (and some even remove altogether).


Steve TreanorSteve Treanor is the founder and CEO of Help Desk Cavalry which serves the Kitsap business community by providing full-scale technology and IT services. He is an honorably discharged disabled veteran as well as a native-born Kitsap County resident where five generations of his family still reside. In the US Army, Steve served as a Cavalry Scout, which is where his company’s name originates. Steve’s passion is helping other Kitsap business thrive through the optimization of technology and tools that they can afford.

We look forward to sharing this time with you. An access link and password will be sent to you after registering.

Kitsap Business Forum Steering Committee

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