8 Local SEO Tips To Improve Local Search Rankings


How can a small business get more visibility online? Look no further than the local search pack, which is made up of Google My Business (GMB) profiles featuring prominent local businesses within close proximity of a searcher.

Local search results level the playing field for small and local businesses. Ranking for competitive keywords can be a tough task for a small business going head to head against a large enterprise.

So if local search is a way to get more visibility, where should a small business start? To help answer this question, we asked for local SEO tips from eight search engine optimization experts and small business owners.

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1 thought on “8 Local SEO Tips To Improve Local Search Rankings

  1. Doodle Digital

    A local Google search isn’t something that just tourists and newcomers use anymore. All of us are more than happy to discover a new restaurant or a place to hang out. If dealt with the right way, this can also turn into a valuable business development tool.

    With the list of your local SEO stats, dentists, bakers, restaurant owners, hairdressers, and other business owners can easily see how important the local SEO really is!



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