SCORE invites you to participate in our new #SCOREstory social media campaign.

business people huddle for celebrationSCORE celebrates your small business success, and we want to share your story to help inspire others.

By spreading the word about SCORE through your own social networks, you will help other entrepreneurs to learn about our free, expert mentoring and educational programming, all of which are designed to help small business owners achieve their dreams.

There are several potential benefits to you for participating in this campaign:

  1. Your post may be shared on SCORE National’s social media pages (with a combined following of approximately 100,000 people).
  2. You may be contacted to expand your story for use on, which has more than 200,000 unique users each month.
  3. Your company may be profiled in SCORE national marketing and press that can reach millions of people.
  4. You may be featured in local chapter marketing, where your name, logo, and website would be shared with thousands of potential new customers.

How to share your #SCOREstory:

  • Write a short post on your social media accounts describing your experiences with SCORE.
  • Include a photo or short video of your business activities.
  • Include the hashtag #SCOREstory in your post.
  • Tag SCORE National’s social media profiles for a chance to have your post shared. Our profiles are:

Here are sample posts for this campaign (please customize with your own voice!):


Here is sample text you can share:

We’re proud to be a #SCOREstory!  With @SCOREMentors help, we’ve been able to achieve our small business goals. Get your mentor at (INSERT PHOTO)


I am a proud #smallbiz owner! Thanks to @SCOREMentors, I’m going to reach my goals and live my dreams. #SCOREstory (INSERT PHOTO)

Click here to share on Twitter.


We’re proud to be a #SCOREstory! We started our business during the recession and with @score_mentors help, have grown to 6 employees and are seeing year-over-year growth. (PHOTO)

Tips to remember:

  • Remember to include a photo with each post.
  • Read about other SCORE success stories.
  • Thanks for sharing your story, and continued success!

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