In 2012, I had an $87 Aha!! Moment.

Valarie Harris from Varris Marketing

by Valarie Harris, Varris Marketing

This story is all about my $87 Aha!! Moment.  I have been in Marketing since 2011, with an official launch of Varris Marketing in 2012. Things started off slow, but headed in the right direction, so I thought.  Year-end profit numbers came in and I only made $87.  I chalked it up to first year jitters. So, with the brand-new year here, I made some changes, thinking, hoping, and praying that my year end results would be better, I mean, they had to be right? To my surprise and amazement, my year ended making the exact same amount as the previous year, $87. Unbelievable right? I suddenly became frustrated and discouraged.

I decided to take the next year off to figure out what the heck was going on, what was I doing wrong and how to fix it, because not only was my business tanking, so was my personal life. I thought offering rock bottom prices would get me more clients and it did, but way too many.  I also thought that doing everything that operating a business entails would keep cost down and save money, wrong again, that just kept me working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, neglecting my clients, my home, my kids, my husband and myself. I had more money leaving my bank account than was coming in, and that’s when my AHA moment happened.

I realized that I needed help, and that I couldn’t do it all by myself. I finally made the decision to outsource those things that I didn’t know how to do, didn’t want to do and didn’t have time to do.  Learning to let go of those tedious tasks, saved my Life and changed my World.  Outsourcing gave me freedom, to do what I truly love, and that is to coach and train marketing to business owners Worldwide. I was also finally able to price my products and services to match the value they bring, and it allowed me to get back to providing excellent service to my clients, and get back to being a mom, wife and spending time with someone special, Me.

Final thoughts on my $87 Aha Moment, my year-end profits are no longer $87, it’s gone way up.  Outsourcing is a WIN-WIN for all involved, it saves me time, makes me money, and gives me complete control of my sanity.  The moral of this story is, OUTSOURCE!!

Valarie Harris is a local SCORE Kitsap client. You can learn more at the VARRIS MARKETING website.

Is it time to share what you do, problems you’ve solved, or Aha! Moments with hundreds of local SCORE clients? If so, send us an email.

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