Washington business registration renewal letter scam.

Misleading Letter vs. Official Letter

Businesses in Washington should be aware of a possibly fraudulent letter claiming to be an official bill for annual business registration fees.

One letter received by an Edmonds-based business directed the business to send $121.86 to a post office box in Olympia. The letter stated, “your state annual report will not be filed until payment is received.”

The misleading letter did not include the Office of Secretary of State logo, as an official letter from the Office of Secretary of State would – see the example pictured above. 

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman is working with the attorney general’s office to see what further action should be taken to protect businesses.

To check the status of your business filings, visit sos.wa.gov/corps. For questions regarding registration, call (360) 725-0377 or email corps@sos.wa.gov.

Read this full news release at www.sos.wa.gov.

Have you received a similar mailing from an unknown party? Contact the attorney general’s consumer protection division directly or file a complaint:

File a complaint ]


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