Introducing – Can Do Kate


Have you ever wondered who you could find to water your plants for two weeks while you enjoyed a long awaited vacation?  Or, who would be able to help out your mom with grocery shopping while she recovers from surgery?  As the owner of Can Do Kate LLC, I would love to have you think of me!

The idea for my Poulsbo home-based business began three years ago after several years in the mayhem of property management.  Our grandsons had moved to Olympia and the need for maximum job flexibility was a priority in my life as never before. 

I have always loved helping people in a task oriented way.  Give me a list of things to do that will help you enjoy your life again and it is “off to the races”.  With the real estate background, there was an obvious need for assisting people with limited abilities or time in downsizing and preparing their homes for the sales market.  One idea for a business.

With many folks from Kitsap commuting to Seattle each day the idea of personal assistant services blossomed.  Why not have someone else pick up your mail, wait for Comcast, take your dog to the vet and prep dinner?  Another dimension was added to the business.

It has been terrific fun to see how the business has evolved and the variety of clients that have used my services.  I receive immense joy from easing their burdens and sharing in their lives on a personal level.  Feel free to browse my website at to learn more about me and the business.

Kate Bode
Can Do Kate
kate (at )

If you are a mentoring client of Kitsap SCORE, we would like to introduce you to the world. Please send a story like the one above to Talk about who you are and what you do in 500 words or less. We will post your introduction on our website and encourage others to reach out to you.

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