Are you a military Veteran and thinking about owning your own business?

Here are some tools that will make things a little easier.

The Veteran Entrepreneur Portal (VEP) is designed to save you time! BusinessUSA makes it easier for small businesses to access Federal services, regardless of its source. VA OSDBU quickly connects Veteran entrepreneurs to relevant ‘best-practices’ and information. Collectively, VEP offers direct access to the resources necessary to guide every step of entrepreneurship.

Start a Business

Start a Business
This interactive tool connects you to the right resources specific to your small business objective. Navigate through relevant topics to access information on starting a business.
Learn how to start a business »

Access Financing

Access Financing
Use this customized wizard to identify financing resources to support the start-up, development, or growth of your small business.
Learn about financial resources »

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business
Find out how to successfully expand your small business. Explore dedicated subjects with valuable information and resources to help you grow your company.
Learn how to grow your business »

Find Opportunities

Find Opportunities
Become familiar with Federal government contracting programs. Answer a few quick questions in this wizard to find Federal opportunities that align with your small business.
Find Federal government contracting programs »

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans
Access relevant Federal, state, and local programs and services geared toward the Veteran small business community.
Learn about government programs »

Vets First Contracting Program

Veterans First Contracting Program
Learn about Veterans First Contracting Program – VA’s unique procurement set-aside and sole-sourcing opportunities.
Get started with Vets First Contracting Program »

Strategic Outreach

Strategic Outreach
Access information tools, requirement resources, and networking opportunities necessary to do business with VA and other Federal agencies.
Learn more about strategic outreach programs »


Franchising Opportunities
Browse a growing list of franchising opportunities available to Veteran small businesses.
Browse a list of franchising opportunities »

How to do Business with Federal Agencies

How to do Business with Federal Agencies
Follow the links to learn how small businesses can access Federal procurement opportunities with each listed Federal agency.
Learn about Federal procurement opportunities »


Corporate Partnerships
Corporate Partnership Agreements are designed to help Veteran small business concerns with capacity building, past performance evaluation, and related small business activities.
Discover corporate partnerships »


Training and Employment
Unique training and employment programs designed to engage and equip our nation’s Veteran population with tools for a bright and rewarding future.
Get started with training and employment »

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