Lower fees for food carts in Bremerton.

On July 8, 2016, Josh Farley wrote an article for the Kitsap Sun describing some changes being made to make running a food food cart in Bremerton a bit less costly and a lot more friendly.

Until this week, a food truck operator would have to pay $75 for a business license, plus $150 to be able to move to different areas of the city. A nonmotorized food cart used to have to pay $75 for a business license, plus $250  — and anytime they changed locations, they paid another $250 for each new spot.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the City Council adopted new, lower fees for food carts — $100 for an initial location, plus $50 for each new spot. They still have to pay $75 for a business license, but the lower fees will make it much easier to operate at festivals, car shows, farmers markets, etc.

The Council is also working to create a communal spot for carts and trucks in the city.

“Nothing has been decided but a spot near the Puget Sound Navy Museum, with the hustle and bustle of downtown, the ferry traffic and shipyard nearby, might be a fit, City Attorney Roger Lubovich said.”

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