Business Books You Can Put to Work

Small Business Owner’s Desk Reference

by Richard Larkin

Small Biz Owners Desk ReferenceOwning and operating a business can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. At other times, the management function can be overwhelming with day-to-day problems. The Small Business Owner’s Desk Reference addresses operational concerns with common sense suggestions on how to handle the unexpected.

  • How can I start a business, or increase the size of my current business?
  • How can I get a loan for my business, or for my business idea?
  • How can I attract customers and how much should I charge them?
  • How can I decide where to locate my business?
  • How much inventory do I need and how can I keep track of it?

It is designed to provide answers and direction to any person hoping to become a business owner, grow their existing business, or work their way through a business decision when they are not sure where to turn for help. It is organized in easy to understand sections covering a wide range of topics, from developing a business plan and financing a business idea, to performing daily operations, evaluating competition, creating marketing plans, hiring the right employees, and providing an affordable compensation package.

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Making the Jump into Small Business

Making the Jumpby David Nilssen & Jeff Levy

Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership will provide the information, encouragement, and insight you need to go from dream to reality. As successful businessmen who have helped thousands of individuals begin small businesses, authors Jeff Levy and David Nilssen share their expertise in the following areas:

  •  How to identify your strengths and use them in your new venture
  • How to identify a business opportunity
  • Overcoming your limitations, fears, and trepidations
  • The business fundamentals every entrepreneur should know in the areas of planning, market research, legal structure, financing, and other matters

Woven throughout are bits of practical advice based on the authors’ years of experience, as well as stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through small business ownership.

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Social Persuasion

by Robbin Block

Social PersuasionMake Sense of Social Media for Your Small Business

Unlike many books on the subject that focus on a particular social site, this practical and strategic guide explains where social media fits in the small business marketing arsenal. Learn how to make the most of this medium without wasting time playing online. A key insight is to look beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for niche sites that resonate with a target audience.

Confused about where social media fits in your marketing plan? This is the book that explains it in clear language without all the hype.

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