E-Tip: Strike the Responsive Chord

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

It’s our sixth lesson of “Thirteen Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail”. I’m excited to get into today’s lesson. The better you understand your audience the more response you’ll get from them.

Another reason marketing campaigns fail is, because the marketer doesn’t strike the responsive chord with an audience.

People ignore what doesn’t grab them. They further ignore messages that are irrelevant. How do you solve the problem of striking the responsive chord? Here are a four steps to do this with every marketing campaign. 

Step #1: Understand How People Think

If you understand how people think you’ll understand why they buy. I’d recommend two publications. First, “Buyology”, by Martin Lindstrom. The second is the insightful, “Psychology Today” magazine.

As I’ve mentioned before people use their beliefs, desires and fears to make their decisions. The more you understand this three-pronged web the better your messages will be received and responded to. Understand how people think.

Step #2: Use W.I.F.M.

I once chatted with a brilliant ad executive. She taught me a technique in my early copy writing days. She said, ‘Clyde, ya gotta learn how to W.I.F.M.’ The acronym stands for “What’s In It For Me?”

After you ask what you’re really selling, ask ‘what’s in it for me’ from the customers perspective. What are the advantages they will get from buying your product or service?

Step #3: Find the Conversation In Their Heads

The genius copy writing legend Clayton Makepeace teaches his copy cubs to “find the conversation going on in the prospects heads”. Here’s a conversation I have going on in my head about life insurance.

“Okay, I want to make sure the amount of life insurance I buy will cover my wife and child in case I die. Man, is $200,000 or $400,000 enough?”

We all have these types of conversations running around in our heads all day long. It’s not just one conversation, but several. You’ve got to lock onto the conversation they’re having about your product, service and industry.

To find it listen to conversations. Watch the news and read the magazines, newspapers and online outlets your audience does.

Step #4: Craft the “Responsive Chord Message”

Now it’s time to write your e-mail, landing page, etc. You will know when the copy you’re writing is hitting the responsive chord. As you read it you will agree with everything that’s in it.

Don’t stop with your own review. Have one to three others read it. If they agree with everything you’ve written, if it hits them emotionally and causes them to want to buy what you’re offering, you have a winner.

Learn more at www.clydemcdade.com.

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