E-Tip: Use a Strong Call-to-Action

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

Holy smokes I can’t believe we’re almost done with this series!  Great work on staying with me.  It doesn’t matter if you have a health or travel-related business.  Understanding the sixth thing you need for a successful e-mail campaign is critical.

Many e-marketers don’t take the time to think about their call-to-action.  It’s your chance to tell prospects and customers exactly how you want them to respond to your offer.  If you skimp on this you’ll lose sales and profits.

How do you create a strong call-to-action? 

Step #1: Make it Easy

I’ve seen too many complicated CTA’s.  Nobody likes a hassle.  Make your call-to-action easy to do.  Give them one or three easy ways to respond or contact you.  Examples include a toll-free number, e-mail or landing page to visit.

The harder it is for people to respond to your offer the less clicks and sales you’ll get.  Those aren’t the goals of a successful e-mail campaign.

Step #2: Lay Out the Next Steps

Once they contact you what will happen next?  Will they talk to a live person?  Will they have to go through a voice-prompt system?  How will they get what they’ll buy?  Lay out the next steps and make them easy.

Step #3: Choose the Fastest Response Route

“Response Route” is the single fastest way you want someone to contact you once they’ve viewed and read your e-mail promotion.  What will help them respond the fastest?  Again, make this route easy.  Remember the equation, below.

Easy + Fast= Profits.

Next time we’ll take a look at the final thing you need for a successful e-mail campaign.  It’s as important as your call-to-action.  Yet many e-marketers get lazy on this part.

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