Let’s hear your 60 second elevator pitch.

Let’s face it, 60 seconds is about the length of time you have in an elevator to explain the concept of your company to a total stranger — even less, if the stranger is getting out on a lower floor. 🙂

After your minute is up, you’ll start to lose their attention. So it’s best to make your 60 seconds count.

5 to 10 seconds: Who are you?

10 to 20 seconds: What’s the problem your product/service solves?

10 to 20 seconds: What’s your solution?

5 to 10 seconds: What do you need? 

You can pitch for things other than money… partners, teammates, referrals, mentors. The point is, keep it brief. Practice. Look the person in the eyes. Deliver your pitch.

Who knows, this time it just might work.