E-Tip: Decide on your Offer

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

Can you believe it’s our final lesson for this series?  Thank you for sticking with me this long.  Now today we’ll cover the final element needed before creating your e-mail campaign.  Get this right and success is in the bag.

The Powerful Offer

E-marketers can get hung up on copy, design, templates and other e-mail angst.  But there’s one area they tend to overlook.  Most e-mail offers are no big deal.  They don’t spark a desire in subscribers to buy.  They rarely offer something unique.

Before creating your e-mail campaign decide on your offer.  What kind of offer are you willing to make?  Here are the three elements of a powerful offer. 

Element #1: Unique

Why are you offering the same things your competitors offer?  In today’s marketplace doing this causes people to pass you over.  Powerful offers are unique.  I know of a writing school that for $59.00 a month gives you full access to some of their best education.

For a limited time they allowed you to join for only $29.00, per month.  This powerful offer got writers attention and drove up memberships and sales.  They could’ve made a bland offer like their competitors.  They decided to hit subscribers where it counted and that was in their wallets!

Element #2: Risk-Free

When it comes to money people don’t like to let go of it easily.  If they sense they’re taking an unnecessary risk they’re out.  You remove this by making your unique offer risk-free.  Many health and self-help publishing companies use this risk-free offer.

“Order your copy of How to Heal Naturally today.  Read it from cover to cover for the trial period of 60 days.  If you don’t like the valuable information inside you won’t pay us one red cent.  We won’t charge your credit card on file.   Keep the book with no further obligation.”

See how easy they make it for the reader to buy today?  They can read the sucker and if they don’t like it they’re not out any money.  The publisher is taking the risk not the reader.  Risk-Free.

Element #3: Time Sensitive

Every unique offer should be time sensitive.  Never make an offer that’s unlimited.  This causes subscribers to not make a decision about your offer.  This slows down sales.  Put a definitive date on your offer.  If they miss the deadline yank the offer.

The goal of a time-sensitive offer is to get the real buyers in within a certain time-frame.  You’ll experience better results within that time period.

Thank you for spending time with me in this series!  I’ll be launching a new series I know you’ll enjoy.  If you’re a health or self-help related the valuable lessons in my new series will help you be profitable.

Learn more at www.clydemcdade.com.

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