E-Tip: Time your E-mails

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

By now you’ve learned a ton about the Four Levers of e-mail marketing.  Has it opened your eyes on how to create more effective e-mail campaigns?  Trust me there’s more to an e-mail campaign than hitting  the send button.

Today we’ll look at the fourth lever of e-mail marketing.  It’s called “Timing”.  You’d be shocked to know today’s e-mail technology allows you to track when folks open the e-mails you send them.  This is important, because it goes to “click-through behavior”.

How do you time your e-mails properly?  Here are a few steps. 

Step #1: Choose a “Time-Send” Vendor

E-mail marketing experts like www.audiencepoint.com  have mastered the art of “time-send”.  They’ll track the times your e-mails are opened.  They’re reliable, accurate and produce high open rates for their customers.

Whoever you choose pick one who can share the results they’ve delivered for their clients.  If they don’t have the results pass them by.  Your money is too important.

Step #2: Read your Reports

In your subscription lists are audiences that open e-mails during certain times of the day and night.  Usually the open rate for e-mails is highest on mobile devices like your cell phone.   You won’t know this if you don’t read your reports.

Once you know when your subscribers like to open your e-mails you send them future ones.  As you track when they open your e-mails you may notice the time changes.  That means you start sending e-mails during those time frames.

It comes down to relevance.  If you send your e-mails at times your subscribers don’t open them you’ll get lower e-mail opens.  A message deleted or unopened is lost profit potential.

Step #3: Change with the Times

As your subscribers change when they open your e-mails change things up.  Their open patterns may be changing, because they’re looking for solutions you haven’t offered yet.  Change your offer, call-to-action, creative, etc. as needed.  As always track your results!

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