E-Tip: Clean Your List

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow Business Owner,

Let’s talk about something most business owners don’t do. Instead they assume this part of their business is, okay.

How Clean is your List?

Smart businesses have built a list of names in their database. These are either current customers or prospects. If they’ve opted-in to receive your e-mails, they’re apart of your subscription e-mail list. 

It means you have a built-in list of folks you can e-mail offers to any time. Think of how lucrative this is for your business. However, there’s a common problem business owners don’t pay much attention to.

The assumption is each person on your e-mail subscription list is receiving them. This may not be the case, because your list hasn’t been “cleaned”.

For example, how many of the customer e-mails in your subscription list are accurate? If your subscription e-mails are going to the wrong e-mail address that’s money out the window.

A good first step to cleaning your list is to ensure each subscriber e-mail is accurate. You can do this yourself or have a company like Inbox Pros perform Deliverability Audits. Visit www.inboxpros.com for more information.

Next time we’ll take a look at the second reason your subscription e-mail list may not be clean. Failing to check this part of your subscriber e-mail list can lead to more complaints, lost customers and revenue.

Learn more at www.clydemcdade.com.

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