E-Tip: Improve Your Offer

by Clyde McDade, Beach House Creative (LinkdIn)

Hello Fellow E-Marketer,

Let’s take a peek at the second lever of e-mail campaigns. It’s called, your offer. Sometimes e-mail marketers glass over their offers. It’s easy to think a simple price reduction or bundle sale will work. Not always so.

In his book, “How to Create Irresistible Offers” copywriter Bob Bly shares how excellent offers work.

“As a rule, the more valuable and risk-free the offer seems to be to the reader; the better your response.”

In your e-mails you must make the offer that will bring you the most results. Here are a few types of offers you can make. 

Choosing the Right Offer

Soft Offer

A soft offer doesn’t require face-to-face or phone contact. Your prospect or customer receives free information, by mail or download. This can be a special report, book, white paper, webinar or video series.

In exchange for the free information they just need to supply their contact information. You can now add them to your sales funnel for future offers. This offer is for subscribers who aren’t looking to buy now, but want more information. Mark Smith at Inbox Marketers in Canada uses the soft offer to perfection.

Hard Offer

A hard offer does require some type of contact. If the person wants a free estimate, etc. they need to set an appointment, by phone or in-person. The hard offer is great for those who are serious about your product or service. They’re intending to take the next step in buying from you.

Negative and Deferred Offers

The words all e-marketers fear is “no” or “not now”. You can put these words in your favor with negative or deferred offers. You can simply say,

“Not interested at this time? Provide your name and e-mail and we’ll still send you our free report on….”

With these two types of offers you can still gain a new potential customer for your list. Smart e-mail marketers do this constantly.

Take the time to craft careful offers for your e-mail campaigns. They’ll literally pay you back and then some. I’d highly recommend Bob Bly’s book, “How to Create Irresistible Offers”. You can find it on http://www.amazon.com and it’s worth every penny.

Next time we’ll take a look at the next critical lever in e-mail marketing. Trust me, you’ll want to get this third link right!

Improve your Offer.

Learn more at www.clydemcdade.com.

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