How you manage employees impacts your bottom line.

In an article on “Workplace Civility,” CEO Coach Mary Marshall painted a very clear picture…

I was in a meeting once as a fairly new CEO and inquired about a particular metric. The COO all but called me an idiot and pointed out that they knew what they were doing. I watched the faces of the rest of the staff in the room and they all avoided eye contact with me, which led me to believe this was a common occurrence. I didn’t say anything in the moment but took the person aside after the meeting and asked why she responded with such condescension. Her response was even more surprising and she said that she knew I could take it, but she wanted to show how she was standing up for her team. I calmly explained how she actually had the opposite effect and bottom line, it was rude and uncivil and no one should be spoken to that way…ever again.

I later found out that the entire company was run by fear of her and although no one would directly confront her, it was hurting creativity, security and performance. This type of behavior leads to poor performance, not compliance as is pointed out in the article.

To learn how to start a “civility movement,” read the article on Mary’s website.

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