Sign up with the veteran-owned business directory.

From the May 2015, Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

The Veteran Owned Business Registry is an official way for veterans to certify their businesses and reap the rewards of being officially recognized as a Veteran Owned Business by the State of Washington. The benefits of registering with the Veterans Owned Business Registry are:

1. Eligibility to do business with the many agencies of the State of Washington

2. Eligibility for the Linked Deposit Program…

3. Public recognition of your status as a Veteran Owned Business.

Even if you are not planning to directly do business with the State of Washington, customers like to know they are patronizing Veteran Owned Businesses.

To get registered go to

It is free. It is quick. It is easy.

And you as the business owner control the level of contact and communications with State agencies.

If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Amos, Project Manager, WDVA Veteran Owned Business Registry — 1-800-562-0132 option “1”

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