How can you verify a job applicant’s resume when a former employer has gone out of business?

by Julie Tappero, Owner of West Sound Workforce

It is not uncommon today to see the words “company out of business” on a job application. With the economy in a slump for the last several years, and layoffs abounding everywhere, checking applicants’ references has become harder than ever.

Should you just give up on verifying employment when a company is no longer in business, or is there something more you can do?

25% – 50% of job seekers falsify their work histories

Surveys show that somewhere between 25% and 50% of job seekers lie on their resumes. With times being so tough, the incentives to embellish in order to get a job, are high.

Many job seekers think it’s worth it if it helps their resume rise to the top. And many know that a high percentage of employers never bother to verify the information anyway.

Before you just accept the information on the resume or application, here are some tips to help you.