You can make money with triggered email marketing.

When you hear the term email marketing, you probably think of coupons, newsletters and maybe even spam. The negative connotation is unfortunate because email marketing can drive real revenue for any business if it’s handled strategically.


One way to unlock email’s massive potential is taking advantage of triggered emails. Most email marketing — newsletters, promotions, coupons, sales, etc. — is sent to a large group of people at the same time. The message is generic because of the sheer volume of recipients and, as a result, open and click rates are low. Emails end up in the spam folder because recipients don’t engage with them.

Triggered email on the other hand is different in that the content and calls to action are personalized for each and every person. Welcome emails, receipts, reminders, notifications — these are all great examples of triggered emails.

These emails are expected, contextual and serve a unique purpose. As a result, they are opened at up to 8x the rate as promotional email.

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