The Secret Process of Today’s Successful Ventures

Entrepreneurs often find it challenging to go from idea to a valid business model, which is essential for a business to get off the ground, let alone survive and grow.

The Kauffman Foundation, in collaboration with Strategyzer, unveiled the “From Idea to Business” video series that teaches entrepreneurs how to design and test business models that help their ideas have a better chance of succeeding.

Developed by the founders of — the makers of the best-selling book Business Model Generation and the inventors of the breakthrough Business Model Canvas methodology — the animated, short videos tell the story of Beth and Carl as they develop their business idea into a tangible business model.

“The best idea in the world can flop if the entrepreneur doesn’t have a sustainable, financially stable business model,” said Dominique Pahud, director of Innovation & Networks at the Kauffman Foundation. “This series of videos present the steps to creating an efficient and systematic approach to prototype and test their business models and iterate as the company evolves through time.”

Geared toward anyone looking to start or grow a business, the videos aim to boost executives’ and entrepreneurs’ chances of success in their search for a scalable and profitable business model. The six video series covers topics including:

  • Getting from business idea to business model
  • Visualizing your business model
  • Prototyping
  • Navigating your environment
  • Proving it
  • Telling your story/Pitching your business

“This is a tool to help entrepreneurs replace business plans with a more dynamic approach: the systematic design, testing and pivoting of Business Model Canvases,” said Alex Osterwalder, cofounder of “The video series brings business strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship to a larger audience and provides entrepreneurs with a new generation of business tools that they can immediately apply.”

The “From Idea to Business” video series is housed on the Kauffman Foundation’s newly enhanced web platform, which offers a wealth of resources, educational information and tools for entrepreneurs. It can be accessed at

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