Business Survival Is Not Mandatory

The Eight Pillars of Efficiency and Improvement in Business
by:  Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

“The true cost of errors (inefficiencies) is unknown and unknowable.”  W. Edwards Deming

From 25 to 30% of the Total Cost of Doing Business is tied to inefficiencies and just like strawberry jam these inefficiencies spread to everything and everyone a business touches… and in the process they drive up everyone’s cost of doing business.

New efficiencies and even small improvements also ripple out, but  in a most positive way.

There is always room for improvement!

If you think you have reached perfection in how you carry out your business functions STOP right now and give yourself a slap on the side of the head or pick up your cell and call your spouse and ask if you’re perfect.

There is always room for improvement!

Two things required for Change/Improvement

  1. Acceptance that things can always be done better
  2. A Commitment to improve. Because of new technologies, the economy, competitors, and other impossible to foresee forces… companies must embrace an on-going climate of constant improvement/change and efficiency with a sense of urgency…if they are to prosper and/or survive.

“It is not necessary to change/improve…  Survival is not mandatory.” Deming

Pillars are supports that are used to hold up a superstructure and are interdependent. Without a good support system in place a structure is at risk of sudden turns, of  temporary eccentricity or of a  freak and capricious wind.

And so it is in business.

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